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Who can deliver?

 Individuals looking for a part-time way to    earn EXTRA dollars, to DeliveryBusinesses and Fund RaisersMust be 18 yrs +,    current drivers license, a reliable vehicle and auto insurance. All are welcome

deliver phonebooks deliveryellow PDC

Where & when?

Find out when deliveries will begin in your State.  It's easy to see when you can start working and earning. 

deliver phonebooks deliveryellow PDC

I'm interested

Alert us about your interest in a phonebook delivery area or find out more info here


Learn about phone book delivery opportunities for Individuals & fundraising Community groups!        

Product Development Corporation (PDC)

is the USA's largest phone book delivery company, with operations across all 50 states..  We have been in the phone book delivery business for over 70 years providing work opportunities to individuals and fundraising community groups.

If you are hard-working, responsible, and looking to earn extra money on a part-time basis, PDC wants to hear from you! We seek individual contractors, delivery companies, and fundraising organizations to deliver a variety of phone book products year after year.

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Phone Book Delivery

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How do I start earning Extra money today by delivering phone books?



No selling, just phone book delivery!

It’s easy to get started...First go to our “Where and When” page and click on the state where you would like to work. If we have a delivery operating in that state you will see all of the information that you need to get started. Check the dates of operation, the address of our delivery office, orientation days and times, plus directions right to our front door.

To apply:  GO DIRECTLY to our delivery location to learn all the details about phone book delivery, and start working that day if you are ready to go!