What do I need? Phone book delivery

To start delivering with PDC

For Individuals you will need to be 18 years or older, with valid driver’s license, a dependable vehicle & proof of car insurance. For Community Groups you will need to provide certificate of insurance for your group.

Distribution Requirements:

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  • You will need a registered vehicle(s) and proof of auto insurance to pickup & deliver books
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license
  • Before you begin delivery of an area we require that you attend a  30 minute information session so that you can learn about what’s involved and the basic delivery results that you have agreed to provide.
  • As a Phone Book distributor, we count on you to deliver our client’s phone books into the hands of the community in a quality manner. We work very hard to keep this as simple as possible for our distributors; however there are some basic processes in place that must be fulfilled by you, the distributor, to ensure PDC’s quality standards are met. These are:
    1. Collecting business cards or signatures from businesses on your delivery list
    2. Usage of a GPS device - small device given to each distributor, to verify delivery.
    3. Acknowledgement of procedure for Opt Out addresses - these are simply customers who have requested to not receive a phone book
    4. Timely deliveries - although our customers are quite flexible with our delivery times, each distribution has a scheduled end date by which we must have all of our phone books delivered. Therefore the average turnaround time for an area to be completed is approximately 3 business days. If you cannot meet this timeframe we simply ask that you give us a quick call to keep us updated on your progress so we at least know the books are still being delivered.


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- Individuals
- Community Groups
- Delivery Companies

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