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Deliver phone books and raise funds for your Organization!!

If you’re getting a little tired of constantly being a salesperson for your sports club or community group and would like to try raising funds in a way that doesn’t involve selling of box after box of chocolates, cookies or pizzas with no guarantee of the outcome... then you've come to the right place.

PDC have helped a large variety of groups and organizations achieve their fundraising targets. Here are just some of the types of groups that have joined our delivery network and are earning dollars for their Organization.


Boy Scouts

Youth Groups

Private Schools

Basketball Teams

Girl Scouts

Soccer Clubs

Golf Teams

Softball Clubs

Baseball Teams

Mothers Groups

Hockey Clubs

Dance Clubs

Religious Groups

Charity Organizations

Alumni Associations

Badminton Clubs

Swimming Clubs

Cycling Clubs


Environmental Groups

University Groups

Service Organizations

Tennis Clubs

Water Polo Clubs

Outdoor Clubs

Lions Clubs

Hobby Groups

Cultural Groups

Fishing Clubs

Fire fighters

Car Clubs

Choir Groups

Horse riding Clubs

Support Groups

Glee Clubs


Karate Clubs

High School Band Clubs

Rotary Clubs


Football Teams

Various Schools Clubs

 Football Teams






So what makes delivering phone books such a good fundraiser?

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  • Choose WHEN & WHERE your group will deliver
    Group fundraising activities can be difficult to coordinate, and all too often involve the trying task of getting a large number of people to attend a specific event at a certain place and certain time. Groups that come and deliver phone books with PDC have the freedom and flexibility to choose when they prefer to deliver – whether it’s weekends, weekdays or both – as well as where they would like to deliver. We can allocate an entire suburb (or multiple suburbs) to your group and you can even break up into small teams, making it a much easier activity to coordinate as it works around group member’s busy schedules.
  • There’s no selling or purchasing products
    There are only so many times you can knock on your neighbor’s door to sell them yet another box of fundraising chocolates…or call on your family and friends to shell out more cash to help reduce the mountain of fundraising stock that you’ve purchased from the supplier. Phone books, as we all know, are free! WE PAY YOU to deliver them. So stop worrying about being left with non-refundable unsold stock and put away the sales pitch…it’s not needed here.
  • A great team building activity that promotes good health
    Why not try a fundraising activity that increases your fitness and well-being rather than your sugar intake? Delivering phone books is a great way to get outdoors, be active and work together as a team.
  • We’re back every year!
    As you know new editions of phone books are released annually and usually around the same time of year. This means your group can plan ahead, or even reserve the same delivery area each year and make delivering phone books your annual fundraising event.


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