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Pockets feeling a little light these days? Maybe you’re eyeing off a sleek new flat screen TV?  Got a vacation on the horizon but can’t see it over the large pile of never-ending bills? Join the thousands of individuals who are 18 yrs+ old and taking matters into their own hands and earning quick cash by delivering phone books in and around their neighbourhood.

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    • Choose where you want to deliver
      It’s not often that you get the chance to look at a map of the city or town you live in and choose exactly where you want to work. For each distribution we divide the town into small delivery pockets and each day our distributors come in and hand pick which area they’d like to deliver. Imagine working on the very block you live in!
    • A perfect fit for any lifestyle The beauty about delivering phone books is the flexibility, allowing you to choose how long and how often you wish to work. We have distributors from all walks of life in our delivery network - people in between jobs, retirees, homemakers, people looking for full time or weekend work, families saving for a holiday or perhaps just trying to stay on top of the bills – all come to us with a common goal…to make money! You can deliver on weekends, weekdays, 2 days a week, 7 days a week, 7 hours a week…the choice is yours.
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  • Get paid while you get fit! Make no mistake, this is no walk in the park (well, technically speaking it’s not anyway!).  It’s good old fashioned door to door deliveries so that means lacing up those runners, heading out into the fresh air and getting that blood pumping! Ask most of our distributors and they’ll tell you it’s one hell of a work out, but just think….you’ve spent the day outdoors rather than cooped up in an office, earned some good money and got some decent exercise while you did it. Bye bye gym membership.

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