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A great way for businesses or individuals to get together and raise funds for their favorite charity organizations

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  • Donate your time to deliver phone books and we’ll donate the funds to your chosen charity
    If you’ve ever watched a tragedy or natural disaster strike on the news and wanted to help, or perhaps there’s a charity close to your heart that you would like to contribute to, PDC offers a way to raise funds in a very unique way. Typical charity drives and fundraising efforts can involve sponsoring, organizing events, raffles, purchasing or selling products…all of which are terrific ideas but are sometimes options that people find difficult to afford. Many generous individuals and groups who can’t afford to make large donations often get involved in events. ”Fun runs” and “walk-a-thons” are perfect examples of this, where groups of people head out for some great exercise while gathering sponsorship money from family, friends and co-workers to donate to a great cause. Delivering phone books works on the same concept, only you don’t have to do all the hard work of finding sponsors and collecting money because you will already have a partner in PDC! For each book you deliver, PDC will contribute your generated funds to your chosen charity or you can directly contribute your earnings via your organization. All you need to do is show up with a set of wheels and an enthusiastic attitude to roll up your sleeves and get lots of books delivered – all while getting some great exercise and raising funds for those who need it most. So why not get a team together and make a real difference!
  • Corporate Fundraising with a difference
    Many businesses are avid contributors and supporters of various non-profit organizations. If charitable contributions are an integral part of your company’s values or even if your company has an established partnership with a specific charity organization then PDC can offer a strategic tool to assist your company in continuing its ongoing support.
     Taking time out from behind the office desk and getting outdoors as a team to deliver phone books is a great way to promote good health, build stronger team relationships and have a bit of fun. It can even be a great opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and connect with your local community. And of course, for each book that your team delivers PDC will contribute the funds towards your nominated charity organization.

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